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3 DIY Ejuice Recipes You Never Knew Were That Easy

3 DIY Ejuice Recipes You Never Knew Were That Easy

With the increase in popularity of vaping, there is also an increase in the need for individuality and personalization. Everyone has their unique preferences, and you just may not always find your preference in any vape store. This is why many vapers have started making their own unique and personalized vape juice. There are a ton of e-juice recipes all over the market.

So if you are looking for a recipe to get your DIY experiments on, resources are littered all over the internet. Regardless, not everyone is a pro at making vape juice. In fact, becoming very proficient at making vape juice, especially complex flavors takes time, practice and effort. But all this will not matter when you are finally vaping the top-notch e-juice you make.

3 DIY Ejuice Recipes You Never Knew Were That Easy

DIY e-juice is a win-win. Get the right recipe, the right supplies, and you are good to go. Now let us get down to some mouth-watering e-juice flavors that you probably have thought about but didn’t know it could be easy to make – even for DIY beginners.

  • Simple Sugar Cookie 

Simple sugar cookie is a simple e-juice that can get you started on your DIY journey. It is simple to make but not as simple to drop down after your first taste. It is a mixture of only two ingredients to make a total of 12% flavoring. 

The first ingredient is Sugar Cookie, a realistic soft sugar cookie. You can combine this flavor with biscuit and cookie flavorings. You need 8% of your sugar cookie flavor. 

The second ingredient is Vanilla Custard. In this recipe, you need just 4% to add a touch of creaminess to the sugar cookie flavor.

Once you are done mixing, you will need to let the blend steep for about a week.

  • Mango Cream 

For all the fruit-loving vapers, this recipe will light up your taste buds. Mango cream combines the taste of zesty mango flavor with a hint of Vanilla Custard and Graham Cracker. Ultimately creating an e-juice with a distinct and satisfying flavor.

The first ingredient is the Mango flavor at 6% since it is the major flavor in the e-juice. The next ingredient is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream used at 1% to add a subtle yet distinct vanilla bean ice cream flavor. Vanilla Custard is used at 3%, Butter Cream is used at 3%, Sweet Cream is used at 3%. This is to give the e-juice an irresistible creaminess. The last ingredients are New York Cheesecake used at 1% and Grahan Cracker used at 1%.

Once you are done mixing, you will need to let it steep for 1 or 2 weeks.

  • Lemon Pie

A truly irresistible vape juice flavor especially for dessert-loving vapers. This is also a simple e juice recipe consisting of just three ingredients to make a total of 9% flavoring. The first ingredient is Lemon Meringue Pie used at 4%. The next ingredient is Vanilla Custard used at 2% to give the ejuice its creamy feel. The final ingredient is Cake Batter used at 3%. 

Once you are done mixing, you will need to let it steep for about a week or two.

Make sure the ingredients you will be using are top-notch. Find a trusted manufacturer to buy authentic ingredients from. You can find high-quality e-juice flavorings at Ejuice recipes are not complicated if you know what you are doing. They may take time to perfect but once you get a grip of how things work, you will be able to step up your DIY vape game.


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