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7 Monks E-Liquid Review

Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, 7 Monks are dedicated to providing best e-liquid, e-juice, smoke juice and all the accessories that go with them.

The 7 Monks E Liquid Collection represents a lifetime of learning and the flavors are the reward. We present our E-Liquids.

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7 Monks E-Liquids Review

Available in 180 Smoke Vape Shop

70VG / 30PG

30ml Bottle at $21.95


Guru by 7 Monks E-Liquid 30ml

Vape setup  Vape only Bcc, lr 510, Vision Eternity, lr 510 Cartomizer @ 3.7v-6.0v

Aroma  Cereal custard with hints of cream and a splash of fresh lemon

Flavor  I expected to be bombarded with a multi-tonal, dynamic, intensely complex flavor profile, but instead, it’s really not all that complex. It’s certainly tasty and different from any custard I’ve previously tasted. It’s clearly custard-based. The most prevalent note in the blend is actually a cake/cupcake flavor. It’s a good flavor, sweet with high notes of vanilla type custard and a deeper bass note of yellow cake, but beyond that, it’s not extraordinary in nature, just vanilla cake. The next flavors I get are the obvious custard note, and a rich cream, all of which are solid, tasty flavors, and meld quite well with the cake.

The next flavors I get are the obvious custard note, and a rich cream, all of which are solid, tasty flavors, and meld quite well with the cake.  The finish brings all the lemon notes together with a tart splash top note that’s reminiscent of the citrusy, fresh flavor of lemon sparks up a whole range of flavor and a subtle sense of acidity that gives me the fresh lemon in the mix. (I could be way off base on that, but I get some sort of bright acidity that feels like a very light hint of bright citrus, although no real lemony flavor, per se.) The custard flavor presents again briefly on the finish, and I can’t be certain if it’s a result of flavors blending or an individual tart lemon component in the mix, but either way, after tasting it initially, it was quite difficult to miss thereafter.

Vapor Production  Nice warm vape, very comforting. Good vapor and throat hit.

Overall  It never dawned on me that mixing custard and lemon would produce such an amazing vape. There is no bitterness taste here. It smells surprisingly pleasant and rests assure the flavors don’t deviate. Great tasting e-liquid.

Score: 10 out of 10.

Mantra by 7 Monks E-Liquid  30ml

Vape setup   lr 510, viva nova, mt3 @ 4.0v 6.0v

Aroma  Berries  Fruit  Dessert    What kind of Dessert? Well, I have no idea. It’s complex.

Flavor   7 Monks approached the juice from a different angle and rather than using a fresh natural blueberry flavor or even an artificial, candy-like berry, they have instead, opted for a “cooked” blueberry flavor that incorporates elements of blueberry jam and pie filling. It’s sweet with an intense berry flavor and a slight note of acidity.

This particular component has a rich, earthy, caramelized note that is practically dripping with the warm, wet, sticky goodness of fresh blueberry pie, straight from the oven. The overall profile is undeniably one of the cooked blueberries, and rather than starting with a standard blueberry flavor and augmenting that to create something different than the original product, this juice has the feel of having been built from the ground up to achieve the desired end result of slow cooked berries.

The front side of the vape is syrupy sweet, although in a somewhat generic, yet deep fruity sense, lacking any real definition. The true flavor of this juice begins to take shape right at the top of the exhale as subtle notes of complex, caramelized fruit flavor take root and gradually progress towards the finish where the deep, rich flavors of sweet, slow cooked blueberries with nimble acidic overtones take center stage to create one of the finest e-liquids in this increasingly crowded genre of baked fruit e-juice.

Vapor Production  Nice thick clouds of vapor and an amazing throat hit.

Overall  It’s a quite sweet, as any self-respecting dessert juice should be, but it doesn’t come off as saccharine sweet, which made it quite easy for me to spend several days vaping this juice without suffering from juice fatigue.

Score: 9 out of 10.

Tantra by 7 Monks E-Liquid  30ml

A light and fluffy white cake topped with vanilla bean and a blueberry icing. On top sits a dollop of fresh whipped cream to delight all of your senses.

Vape setup: lr 510, viva nova, mt3 @ 4.0v 6.0v

Aroma  It is brimming with the enticing aroma of strawberry shortcake that smells quite close to the real thing. The vape is very similar to the nose, with a moderate hit of strawberry, a whole lot of cake, and a dollop of creaminess rounding out the profile.

Flavor  The flavor of Tantra is exceedingly convincing, simultaneously tasting light, yet still rich and satisfying. To say I was surprised by my first taste of this juice would be a vast understatement. Not only does this juice handle the higher wattage without issue, both the blackberry and vanilla whipped are perfectly executed, allaying all of my fears in one fell swoop. While the primary fruit in this juice may be blackberry, there is very little of the floral/perfumey tone to it, and it actually comes off more like a black cherry with deep, dark fruity tones, offset nicely by a mild vanilla cake sweetness, and the thick, rich mouthfeel imparted by the cream. The whole profile smacks of a light and fluffy white cake topped with vanilla bean that is quite true to life.

All said, of the 7 Monks flavors I’ve tasted so far, this might be my personal favorite. It’s rich, creamy, fruity, and sweet, but nowhere near the level of sweetness that comes with some fruity e-liquids. The fact that they are able to minimize the floral tone from the blackberry and make it a good option for sub-Ω cloud chasers and flavor fiends is just the proverbial icing.

Vapor Production  Nice thick clouds of vapor and an amazing throat hit.

Overall  The e-liquid provided ample flavor, with sweet, fruity and creamy notes, an abundance of vapor, and a fairly stout throat hit for such a fruit forward blend cream to delight all of your senses.

Score: 9 out of 10.


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