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Aerotank Mow by Kangertech

In this Aerotank Mow Review, we take a look at this cartomizer’s newly designed airflow valve and atomizer heads. We also discuss the Mow ’s new features and offer user tips.

The  Aerotank Mow is newest Aerotank design. The Mow features an upgraded dual coil and a newly designed air control valve that also offers a stainless steel tube to give users more options with their cartomizer. With a bottom coil design and the ability to adjust the airflow to your liking, the Aerotank Mow is easily one of the best cartomizers on the market.


Kanger Aerotank MOW (EMOW) cartomizer


  • Advanced New dual coil 1.5ohm
  • Air control valve – 1.8ml Huge Vapor
  • Cartridge capacity of 1.8ml
  • Interchangeable Pyrex glass tube for increased durability & Fit on Kanger EMOW

Package comes with-

1 x Kanger aero ohm tank mow (Pyrex tank, Airflow control Ego base)

1 x 510 Drip tip

1 x Dual coil 1.5ohm


The Aerotank Mow provides users with the same performance and features as its predecessor, the  Aerotank, but features a redesigned airflow valve. Using feedback from their customers,  made some important changes with the Aerotank Mow to address some of the issues the original Aerotank had.

The newly designed airflow valve allows you to adjust the airflow to your own preference. Simply turn the dial on the base of the tank to increase or decrease the airflow. The Mow offers a more open draw and an improved vaping experience when compared to its predecessor.

One big difference between the original Aerotank and the Aerotank mow is the capacity of the cartridge. Because the Mow is a smaller version, it only holds 1.8ml of liquid. The Mow also features a 1.5/2.0 ohm resistance. Although the Mini doesn’t hold as much liquid as the MEGA (which holds 3.8ml), the small size makes it ideal for use while on-the-go.

In addition to the new airflow valve, Mow now offers a stainless steel replacement tube for customers who prefer not to use glass. The Pyrex glass tank is still available, so users have a few options when choosing their tube. Although the Pyrex tank is still considered glass, it’s a highly durable form that isn’t quite as fragile as the typical glass tank used in other cartomizers.

Kanger has also redesigned their replaceable dual coil atomizer heads to include hidden wicks, which helps prevent leakage. This cartomizer is compatible with Protank 3 and Aerotank Mega atomizer heads.

The Aerotank Mow can hold up to 1.8ml of e-liquid and is Ego threaded for ease of use. This cartomizer is designed to attach to the outer cone threads of Kanger EMOW batteries. and is not 510 threaded. All parts of the cartomizer are replaceable and glue-free.

As with the entire -tank-line, the Kanger Aerotank MOW is an exceptional design bottom-dual-coil (BDC) device, which not only allows vapes to use their vape juice every drop but also keeps the wicks saturated with liquid so that they will avoid dry hits. The two coils within the atomizer head individually provide double the amount of vapor & also astronomically more flavorful hits.

User Tips

  • The Aerotank MOW ’s atomizer heads have an average lifespan of 10 to 20 days. Once the head wears down, it may start leaking. Replacing the atomizer head with a new one will fix the issue.
  • The Aerotank MOW has a metal tube in the center of the cartomizer. This tube connects the mouthpiece of the battery. Do not allow liquid to enter this tube.
  • To prevent leaks and improve your vaping experience, always keep the sub ohm tank full. If possible, do not allow the liquid to fall below 1/3 full.
  • When refilling the Aerotank MOW, the seals will be temporarily broken. This may cause liquid to leak from the mouthpiece or into the center tube. To prevent this from happening, wrap a cloth around the mouthpiece when removing the cartomizer’s base.

Where to buy!

Having personally bought an Aerotank MOW directly from Vape Box, I can tell you that their care, compassion and customer service is parallel to none.


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