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All You Need To Know About The Different Types of Kratom
Maeng Da Kratom Review

All You Need To Know About The Different Types of Kratom

Kratom has been around much longer than you think. Early reports date back to the 19th century when Kratom was used in Southeast Asia for its medicinal and recreational benefits. Now you can find Kratom in various forms on the market so everyone can benefit from its natural goodness. Zen Panda is one manufacturer you can trust with quality Kratom products. Zen Panda Kratom is not just one of the most potent Kratom on the market, Zen Panda also delivers some of the most affordable Kratom products giving you greater value for the price.

Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom has three different leaf-vein colors that divide this type of Kratom into three substrains: White, Red, and Green, just like any other type of Kratom. Each strain is unique in terms of its biochemical structure and benefits. Let’s get down to the different strains. 

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da is a popular strain of Kratom, well known for its energizing effect. The White Maeng Da strain contains more active alkaloids and flavonoids than the Red and Green Maeng Da strains. This strain of Kratom is a natural solution to pain relief and stimulation. It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for you to feel the full effects, and the effects can last anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. It is available in the form of capsules and powder.

It is usually taken in the morning because it helps to sustain you and keep you energized while you go about your daily activities. 

All You Need To Know About The Different Types of Kratom

Benefits of White Maeng Da Kratom

  • Acts as a Painkiller: White Maeng Da has an analgesic effect that helps to numb pain while reducing the discomfort that is associated with pain. 
  • Helps to Alleviate Mood: White Maeng Da has a euphoric effect when you take it, making you feel jovial and light. This will help you let go of stress and anxiety. 
  • Improves Cognitive Function: This strain of Kratom has a nootropic effect on the brain. When taken, it enhances your cognitive function and concentration power. This in turn promotes your neuronal activity and leads to an increase in your mental power. 
  • Acts as a Stimulant: Just like the Red and Green Veined Maeng Da Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom has stimulating effects. It acts just like caffeine only without the jitters. White Maeng Da raises your energy levels so you can easily perform your daily activities. 

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da gets its name from the dark green color of its veins. It is a powerful strain of Kratom with long-lasting effects. The Red Maeng Da Kratom is well known for its cognitive effects. It has a soothing aroma and relaxes your nerves when you take it. As a plus, this strain of Kratom helps to improve the quality of your sleep. It even helps to treat insomnia. 

In addition to the powder and capsule form, you can also get this Red Maeng Da Kratom in the form of tinctures.

All You Need To Know About The Different Types of Kratom

Benefits of Red Maeng Da Kratom

  • Acts as a Stimulant: Just like the White Maeng Da, this strain of Kratom helps to stimulate your body, giving you a boost of energy without any jitters like most other stimulants. When taken, the Red Maeng Da enhances your ability to focus and your cognitive function.
  • Helps To Relieve Pain: This strain of Kratom works like an analgesic to release endorphins, serotonin, and enkephalins in the body. This numbs pain and makes you feel relieved. 
  • Treats Insomnia: Red Maeng Da acts as a sedative allowing you to fall asleep without any hassle. This makes sure that you get adequate rest that will sustain you the next day. 

Green Maeng Da Kratom 

Green Maeng Da gets its name from the visible green color in the veins of its leaf. It has a considerably high alkaloid content that is milder than the rest of the Maeng Da Kratom strains. Green Maeng Da is used for both its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It helps to increase your energy, making you feel alert all through the day. 

If you are thinking of entering the world of Kratom the Green Maeng Da is a great way to start. It is available in both capsule and powder form. 

Benefits of Green Maeng Da Kratom

  • Helps to Relieve Pain: This strain acts as a mild analgesic that reduces the discomfort associated with acute and chronic pain. 
  • Helps to Reduce Anxiety: Green Maeng Da delivers a calming sensation that eases anxiety. Also, it helps to lift your mood, making you feel a whole lot better. 
  • Acts as Stimulant: Although it is not as strong as the other Maeng Da strains, this Green Maeng Da has energy-boosting effects that will improve your concentration and increase your productivity.

Recommended Dosage

Since Kratom is a natural product, the dosage is incredibly important. The right dosage delivers amazing effects. A good rule of thumb is to start from 2 grams and continue to increase the dosage depending on how you feel. Just make sure to not exceed 10 grams. 

In powder form, you can take the dosage directly measuring the grams as you go. In capsule form, you have to take note of how much Kratom one capsule holds. If a capsule contains 500mg just like the ones from Zen Panda, you can take four capsules that should give you 2 grams. 

If you want the best results, take the Kratom on an empty stomach, and make sure to drink lots of water because Kratom can make you feel dehydrated.


When buying Kratom products, buying from reputable sources like Shopzenpanda is the best way to go. Every product has negative side effects, especially when taken in overdose. So if you are holding back on giving Kratom a try because of the side effects, you should know that if you take the right dosage, you would not have anything to worry about.


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