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Blue Ice Vape Juice Liquidpod by My Von Erl Review

My Von Erl offers prefilled liquid pods filled with Von Erl E-liquid.  The company has 12 selected flavors that will delight any vaper. It includes; Tabak, Tabak Menthol, Tabak Vanilla, Green Apple, Mango Apricot, Cherry, Cafelatte, Pina CoChi, Bourbon Caramel, Eucalyptus Lemon, Ginseng Ginger, and Blue Ice.

Each of My Von Erl pod packs contains two prefilled liquid pods. The liquid pods are very easy to change, and you can obtain up to 300 puffs per pod. Among My Von Erl E-liquids, BlueIce is very popular and offers vapers a thoroughly breezy vaping experience.

A Fantastic Flavor

Blue Ice by My Von Erl is the freshness of menthol combined with a delicious note of blueberry. With every vape, you obtain a strong note of fresh menthol and peppermint. It gives a pleasant cooling sensation. When you inhale, you feel the juiciness of blueberries invade your taste buds. It’s crisp and refreshing. On the exhale, there is a subtle sweetness and hints of peppermint menthol. The flavor is slightly sweet, slightly tart.

VG/PG Ratio

Blue Ice vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio is 65/35.  Each pod has e-juice with VG/PG of 65/35. The ratio is good for cloud production and flavor. With each vape, the vapor is abundant and will delight any cloud chaser. The e-juice has medium thickness level. My Von Erl offers specially designed e-cigs for use exclusively with its e-liquids pods. The e-cigs offer intense vaping pleasure and fantastic taste

Nicotine Strength

The My Von Erl liquid pods are available in nicotine strengths of  0 mg, 9 mg, 18 mg, 36 mg. The level of nicotine strength you choose depends whether you desire to enjoy Blue Ice with no throat hit, 0 mg, or step up the staircase. The nicotine level of 9 mg is medium strength nicotine level while 18mg and 36 mg give strong throat hits. The strong throat hit gives a sensation that is cool to the throat, a bit harsh, but you will not have any unpleasant sensation such as burning or charring at the back of the throat.


My Von Erl box is sleek with a very minimalist design. All that can be seen on the box is the brand logo and the product name.  The box is entirely white, but with a sleek appearance. Each box contains two eliquid pods with 1.6ml each. That is 2×1.6ml. The two pods are prefilled with e-juice. They contain heating coils and only need to be placed into the My Von Erl e-cig.  When you sniff the e-liquid, the aroma is slightly sweet, slightly crisp and subtle. My Von Erl has revolutionized the vaping industry by creating a new category in the vaping market offering both pre-filled pods and specially designed e-cigs.


My Von Erl provides its prefilled 2-pod pack at very competitive price. You can find fantastic deals at You will obtain an excellent value for money and find occasional sales sometimes up to 30% or 50% off. If you’re a loyal customer, there are coupons and vouchers available that you can redeem for your next purchase. You can make some savings purchasing a 2-pack. You obtain two pods, each containing 1.6 ml of ejuice. That’s 32ml. More than getting a 30ml bottle.


My Von Erl is a classic taste for a perfect vape. The company manufacture pen type electronic cigarettes to cater to users who prefer the ease of use and ergonomics. My Von Erl is based in Austria and give careful attention to all aspect of their product to ensure maximum vaping satisfaction.

Blue Ice is made with the use of only natural flavoring and is 100% authentic. My Von Erl 350 mAh battery guaranteed e-cig offers excellent vaping experience. The My Von Erl is very easy to use. There is no mess or cleaning. The prefilled pods are easy to pop out and place another.

My Von Erl brings a new vaping experience. Vapers who like to feel a nice cooling effect as the vape and like blueberries will find Blue Ice irresistibly lovely and would easily consider it as an all-day vape. You will delight with the subtle sweetness and hints of peppermint menthol. The refreshing sensation will overwhelm you.




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