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CBD Vape Pen and Kit by CBDfx Review

Vaping has become the new trend in recent times. Reviews from new and old vapers suggest that vaping is the easiest, most convenient way of integrating CBD into your daily health routine. It’s a little wonder why. Many brands have…

Alto EPod by Vuse Review

The Alto EPod is specially designed by Vuse for the heavy vaping community. The device brings together pre filled pods and a high-powered battery to deliver smooth drags with amazing throat hits and well-balanced flavor.  Kit Contents  1 x Alto…


The Atmos Bullet-2-Go is a handy vaporizer pen designed to vaporize flowers, oils, or waxes. This is one of the best smallest vape we here at Vaping Griffin have and its size is a huge plus.

Atmos Rx Raw Vaporizer Pen

The Atmos RX vaporizer is one of the world’s smallest portable vaporizers designed specifically for dry blends. All the raw materials, and every piece of the AtmosRX is entirely sourced and manufactured in the United States, making it a 100%…

South Beach Smoke Vape Pen

South Beach Smoke has established itself as one of the top Vape Pens & Vaporizers companies. They initially gained popularity because a lot of celebrities were using them. Now, South Beach Smoke remains a major vape pen  brand because of…

How to Pick the Best Vaporizer

Today, most of us are converting to healthier ways, leading healthier lifestyles. And a lot of organizations (government and non government) also have increased advocates in healthier alternatives. We have seen campaigns against smoking, drugs and other activities that can…

Selecting The Best Vaporizer Pen

The introduction of new technology has made vaporizers more portable and easier to use. Now anyone can carry their vaporizer in their pocket for personal or medical use wherever you want , whenever you want.