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CBD Oil for Pets by CBDFx Review

There are tons of CBD oil brands available on the market today, and finding the best is not a straightforward process. You may be thinking to yourself, does it matter? They are all CBD oil, anyways. Now listen, the quality of the CBD you buy should be of priority. If you buy a low-quality CBD product, you may not get the full benefits of this cannabinoid, you may also put your health at risk.

CBDfx is one of the big names in the CBD market. The company puts quality over profit. CBDfx offers CBD in different forms including tinctures, capsules, gummy bears, vape, waxes, to name a few. All its products are 100% vegan and have no questionable ingredients such as corn syrup or artificial sweetener. CBDfx conducts laboratory testing and produces independent Certificates of Analysis for each of its products.

The company uses organic hemp that is grown in Europe and delivered to its laboratory in Southern California. CBDFx makes products for pets. The CBD oil for pets by CBDFx is a high-quality product that is safe and not harmful. Pet CBD Oil contains naturally grown ingredients including hemp, coconut oil and other organic ingredients. CBD Pet Oil comes in different concentration levels and can be used for cats, dogs, and other pets. Their dog CBD Tincture oil is of premium quality.

CBDfx’s CBD Hemp Oil comes in a 10mL bottle and is available in four different CBD concentration levels. It is available with 60mg of CBD for $19.99, 120mg for $34.99, 300mg for $59.99, and 500mg for $74.99. This oil is up for grabs in a single bottle or packs of three and four at discounted prices. If you are interested, simply head over to to order.

CBD 0il comes in different colors. It can range from light gold or dark brown to clear or murky white. Both the color and clarity of the oil can indicate how much filtering it has gone through and if it contains any carrier fluids.

CBDfx’s CBD Oil is clear gold in color. The e-juice additive contains both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. CBDfx uses a C02 extraction method to get its CBD oil.

How does it smell? CBD Oil possesses a distinct earthy and sharp smell. CBDfx’s Hemp Oil has a milder aroma. It doesn’t smell as strong as the CBD oil from some other brands.

How does it taste? Just like its smell, CBD Oil has a unique flavor. Once you taste it, you will know it is the real deal. But just like the aroma, the taste of CBDfx Hemp Oil is on the lighter side. It is a bit tart, but I can tolerate it compared with others. If you are a vaper, you can always experiment by mixing it with an e-juice. It goes well with desserts and fruits vape liquids.

To use the oil to vape, simply put 0.5 or 1 dropper into a tank of e-liquid. If you are using the tincture, put a full dropper in your food or drink per day.

CBDfx offers free shipping from all orders from the USA. The company’s products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can also return unopened items within 30 days.


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