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Cheap Ejuice Apple Juice Iced Blend Review

Cheap E-Juice has brought something both apple and menthol lovers will surely crave for — the Apple Juice Iced eliquid. For fruit-flavored lovers, this blend offers a smooth and cool flavor with an irresistible taste of crispy fruit apple. And for menthol enthusiasts, this promises to produce an awesome icy hit on your favorite apple juice.

“Apple Juice Iced is a cool and refreshing apple juice flavored e-liquid infused with a cool and refreshing menthol.”

On the inhale, your mouth will be filled with that fruit flavor goodness. That same flavor goes all the way through the exhale but this time it has an added clean icy hit. The apple fruit flavor is strong and pure, and this will not leave any doubts to which flavor you have in your tank. I was blown away with how perfect the apple juice really tasted. It felt  so surreal that I almost wanted to drink the ejuice right out of the bottle — bottoms up! That is how yummy this is.

If you do a smell test, you will enjoy that apple scent. It smells as if you are in an orchard. It has a fresh and refreshing aroma. The taste is as good as it smells as well. I wouldn’t question that of course.

This ejuice is suitable for vapers who are into light nicotine content. This comes in two nicotine levels – 3 mg and 6 mg. As mentioned, both belong to the lightest category as other brands offer up to 24 mg. However, they both still offer full-on flavor that will definitely leave you wanting more. If you are not sure which to pick between the two, I suggest newbies to go for the 3 mg version, and previous cigarette smokers the 6 mg version.

The Apple Juice Iced by Cheap E-Juice has a ratio of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. For such a ratio, it can produce a wonderful orchard scented cloud and it can easily fog up a room. Clouds are humongous and dense as well. So hey cloud lovers, come and get this! For a 65/35 ratio, this baby is slaying its production better than others with this ratio.

This all-day vape will undoubtedly become an instant favorite among fruity and menthol vape lovers. It runs smooth and pleasant on the throat and mouth. And I bet the large 120 mL bottle will immediately dwindle as everyone in the hood wants to “borrow” some.

This Apple Juice Iced by Cheap E-Juice is a really clean vape. Unlike others, this does not gunk up your coil or atomizer. My cotton still looks so nice and clean even after using it with this juice for at least half a day.

Presentation-wise, this bottle offers a straightforward and clean approach. All the information you will possibly need are neatly presented on the label wrapped around the bottle’s body. The Apple Juice Iced eliquid comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with child-resistant cap. The bottle is thick, sturdy, and made of high quality materials. The bottle also has that needle nose tip, allowing you to easily and cleanly transfer your now favorite eliquid to any dripper or atomizer without wasting a single drop.

Personally, I was not expecting so much from the flavor. I thought the price is so cheap, I must be getting what I deserve. But then again, I was totally rebuked. Yes, the price is cheap but the quality is top notch! I bet I had your head scratching now wondering how cheap this is since I keep on saying cheap. A 120 mil bottle of this Apple Juice Iced eliquid only costs $12.99! That is true and this sure is worth the investment.

I mean, where in this world can you find an ejuice with these qualities (delicious flavor, excellent vapor/cloud production, perfect all-day vape, and nice packaging) for only under 15 bucks?! I always tell myself I must be dreaming each time I vape this. Now stop imagining and get your own bottle now at the Menthol Flavors collection.

At times, simple flavors are the best ones. Blending and mixing several fruits altogether does not guarantee a good flavor. I bet you will be hooked as soon as you try this Apple Juice Iced flavor from Cheap E-Juice.


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