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Cool Mint Flavbar V1 Disposable Pod Device by FLAVBAR Review
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Cool Mint Flavbar V1 Disposable Pod Device by FLAVBAR Review

The Cool Mint Flavbar V1 is an effortless salt nicotine delivery system that is specially designed for the heavy vaping community, particularly transitioning smokers who desire strong nicotine hits in addition to a delicious explosion of flavor. 

About the Manufacturer

The great minds behind this Cool Mint Flavbar V1 and many other Flavbars out there is none other than FLAVBAR. They are genuine manufacturer of high-quality disposable vape devices with an army of experienced flavorist, engineers, and designers that make it possible. In their lineup of disposable vape devices, you get to choose from the Flavbar V1 in an array of ejuice flavor options, and a more advanced Flavbar V2 version, also in an array of ejuice flavor options.

Design and Build 

If you have used any disposable pod device in the past, you should see some similarities with the Flavbar V1. This is especially because of the rectangular form factor. The Flavbar V1 sports the same ingenious rectangular shape with rounded sides that makes it comfortable to hold in your hand when you want to take a drag. It is also slim and compact enough making it easy for you to stash it away in your pocket or bag and move about without any hassle. 

The Cool Mint Flavbar V1 is an all-in-one device with all of its components housed within its chassis, and there are no removable parts. 

The Cool Mint Flavbar V1 features a draw activated firing mechanism that automatically activates the battery once you take a drag. This makes it incredibly easy to use even if you never had experience with vaping in the past. Thanks to the draw activation, there is no need for pesky buttons whatsoever on the body of the device. The only thing on the body of the device is the “Flavbar” logo, the ejuice name, the nicotine concentration, and a small arrow that points toward the side of the device that serves as the mouthpiece. 

Cool Mint Flavbar V1 Disposable Pod Device by FLAVBAR Review

The Ejuice tank of the Flavbar comes prefilled with 1.4ml of the cool mint ejuice formula. Also, the battery of the device comes fully charged straight out of the pack. Together, they guarantee to deliver up to 300 puffs depending on how much you vape. This is just equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. 

Flavor Profile

Cool Mint is the ideal Flavbar and the best summer treat that you can give your taste buds for an unforgettable vape experience. Every drag of this cool mint Flavbar is sure to freeze your taste buds with billowing clouds while you are lost in the minty menthol freshness on every exhale. This is one ejuice flavor you are sure to not forget in a moment. 

What is even better than the rich icy menthol flavor that your taste buds get drenched in every time you take a drag, is that the Cool Mint Flavbar V1 is preloaded with 5% high-quality salt nicotine to give you that satisfying throat hit that you deserve every time you go in for a drag. If you have any experience in vaping, you should already know that vaping these high levels of nicotine smoothly is only possible because of salt nicotine. Regular freebase nicotine in high concentration will deliver strong and harsh throat hits which are always unpleasant. So, in a bid to satisfy the heavy vaping community, the Flavbar makes use of salt nicotine so even the heaviest vapers can enjoy a mix of their favorite ejuice flavors as well as strong and satisfying throat hits. 

Packaging and Availability

Flavbar V1’s come in a similar packaging style starting from a 10count display. The actual cool mint Flavbar V1 disposable pod device is neatly packaged inside a box. On the box is all the information that you need concerning the Flavbar inside. You can get the Cool Mint Flavbar V1 on the Flavbar website. 

Cool Mint Flavbar V1 Disposable Pod Device by FLAVBAR Review

In addition to the Cool Mint Flavbar V1 disposable pod device, you get to also choose from their variety of ejuice flavors still under the V1 category. You get to choose from Lush Ice, Melon Ice, Peach Ice, Strawberry Banana, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, Strawberry, Grape, and Blue Razz. 


If you love to indulge your taste buds in pure menthol flavor, the cool mint Flavbar V1 would give you just the satisfaction that you need. You can even combine the icy menthol flavor with any other ejuice flavor you may have while vaping for an even better flavor experience. Just make sure to be mindful of the level of nicotine since this cool mint Flavbar already packs a punch. That said, you just need to head on over to Flavbar and get your self a genuine Cool Mint Flavbar V1 disposable pod device. 


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