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Fcukin Flava Yam Ice Cream Nicotine Salt Review

Also known as Ube, Yam is now a popular treat all over the world. Mostly consumed in desserts, be it ice-creams, puddings or even baked goods like pies and doughnuts, ube is quickly becoming ubiquitous outside its humble roots in the Philippines where it is most popular. Fcukin Flava Yam Ice Cream Nicotine Salt takes the Prince-purple delightful purple yam and blends it with sweet ice-cream to deliver a highly unique and smooth dessert flavor without being too sweet. The earthy, starchy and pseudo-potato flavor of yam works well because it provides an unexpected contrast to the smooth ice-cream base. With zero menthol, this nicotine salt delivers an original and smooth throat hit while enveloping your nostrils with a delicious and slightly savory character of yam. Fcukin Flava Yam Ice Cream Nicotine Salt is truly a creamy, asian-inspired, dessert flavor unlike any other you have tasted.

Pick up a sample of Fcukin Flava Yam Ice Cream Nicotine Salt in a 10ml serving size for USD4.95 from Punk Juice Vape Store. Alternatively, a 3-pack, 30ml is USD14.00. Punk Juice Vape Store ships to the USA and other countries using DHL Express with a 7 day delivery time. Located in Malaysia, the 3rd largest ejuice producing country, Punk Juice Vape Store stocks many premium Malaysian ejuice brands at rock-bottom prices. Check them out for a variety of Asian inspired flavors.

Fcukin Flava Yam Ice Cream Nicotine Salt is brewed by the geniuses behind Fcukin Flava. Their world class flavor line-up has won numerous praises in the United Kingdom and greater Europe. Showcasing their flavors at UK’s and France’s various vape expo’s since the early days of vaping have reaped rewards as can be seen by their products stocking the shelves of many vape shops in those countries. Fcukin Flava was started in Malaysia, home to 2 million vapers, despite being a country with only 30 million population.

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