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Flawless Straight Outta the Toaster E-Liquid Review

With so many choices of flavors to select from, choosing the best e-liquid that is just right for you to vape all day with can be a challenging one. Sometimes you will feel tired and bored looking for the perfect one that will really meet your taste. But this Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid from Flawless is a surefire contender for your all-day vape. It is not too strong as compared to other e-juices. It will keep your taste buds on their toes with its very rich and creamy flavor. This kind of e-liquid will absolutely be a go-to vape for many adventurous vapers all over the world because its incredible taste that will for sure make your vaping fun.

Flavor Description

It has a creamy toasted strudel filled with a strawberry jam taste. It’s topped with a frosted vanilla icing, plus fresh strawberry slices. These are the flavors you’ve got in Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid from Flawless. It’s almost unimaginable that you could get this delicious dessert in a vape. It is really mouthwatering and will get your friend’s attention for sure. The sugary-meets-sweet mixture in this bottle is exactly the taste you want to have. The vape juice is full of a creamy toaster strudel with some buttery pastry flakes. It is also filled with sweet strawberry jam and vanilla frosted icing topping.


Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid contains 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20% propylene glycol (PG). Therefore, it gives a mild throat hit that will not irritate your throat.

Throat Hit

Its pg/vg ratio is just perfect to give you a mild throat hit. You will experience a soothing feeling in your throat every time you inhale it. It also produces a relaxing feeling when you exhale. This juice won’t give you any tingling sensation in your throat that will lead to any serious irritation.

Nicotine Strength

Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid by Flawless has 3 choices of nicotine strength. There is 0mg for those who want to vape without nicotine. It also has 3mg for lower nicotine level. Lastly, they have 6mg for those who want a bit more nicotine in their e-juice.

Vapor Production

Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid will produce tons of vapor. It gives you luscious clouds of vapor that you will enjoy the whole time you are vaping. The thick clouds don’t go right away, but rather stick around for a while allowing you to savor its delicious smell of a strawberry dessert. You will really enjoy vaping all day long with this juice and  you will be mesmerized by its yummy flavor scent.


Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid by Flawless is available only in large 240ml bottles. But do not let the size of the bottle worry you. Believe me, this big 240ml bottle will be gone before you know it.  It has a red label with a master baker picture, a pastry popping out from the toaster and words saying “size does matter” on its label.


This 240ml large size bottle is only $54.99.  It is an actually an unexplainable experience you will get from vaping using this Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid. It’s not just offered to you in a convenient amount, but also the perfect blending of strawberry and strudel that will make you want to keep you vaping more. You can definitely say that the price makes worth it .

Therefore, I encourage you to try this Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid by Flawless, so you will be able to experience its creamy strudel filled with strawberry jam and vanilla icing topping. It has the perfect combination of a sweet glaze holding it all together. You will find yourself reaching for your vape mod time and time again. With all the high quality e-liquids that Flawless produces, it is not surprising that Straight Outta the Toaster e-liquid hits above its weight. Without any doubt, quality isn’t lost in favor of quantity within this e-juice product. You can try this with your friends to share the best vaping experience ever!


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