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Kanger Aerotank Giant Review

The Aerotank Giant is another top quality tank is Kanger’s Aerotank series. This is a 30mm atomizer, and it was built for 26650 mods. The Aerotank Giant is similar to the Aerotank Turbo is many ways, but it does not come to a quad coil design. What’s more, the tank is compatible with all Kanger dual coils. It is an excellent tank for creating massive clouds and getting the accurate flavor of your e-juice. Unlike the Aerotank Turbo, the Aerotank Giant can be used by both seasoned vapers and newbies. For inexperienced vapers who cannot use the Aerotank Turbo, the Aerotank Giant is as close as you’ll get to experiencing what it is like vaping from the former.
The Kanger Aerotank Giant is humongous. The dimensions of the tank are 61.5mm by 36mm, and it weighs 107g. Like other tanks from Kanger, the Aerotank Giant is made of food grade stainless steel. Every part of this tank is well machined. You can assemble the tank and take it apart with equal ease.
The Aerotank Giant comes with the usual 510 stainless steel drip tip that you will find on other tanks in the Aerotank series. The drip tip is slender and longer than the usual drip tip you will find on the market. The good thing is that you can replace it with a standard 510 drip tip.
The Aerotank Giant is composed of three sections; the top cap with the drip tip, the middle sleeve which holds the e-liquid, and the base section with the coil head and air flow slot. The tank comes pre-installed with a Pyrex glass sleeve which doesn’t look too bad. Inside the package, you will find a stainless steel sleeve with come indentations on it. The stainless steel sleeve makes the tank look very elegant. However, there are no juice window cut-outs, so you have to open up the tank each time you want to check the level of your e-liquid.
Talking about e-juice, the Kanger Aerotank Giant can hold just 4.5ml of e-liquid (some people claim it can actually hold just 3.8ml). This is not what you will expect when you set your eyes on the tank for the first time. It looks quite bulky and has a diameter of 30mm so you’d have thought that it can hold 6ml of e-liquid like the Aerotank Turbo. This tank has the same bottom filling design like other tanks in the Aerotank line. To refill it, you need to turn the tank upside down and remove the base section. Then you can pour e-juice into the sleeve section. If you do use it properly, this tank will not leak.
The Kanger Aerotank Giant comes with a 2.0 ohm dual coil head. There is an extra 2.0 ohm dual coil head in the package. The coils have an improved wicking system which ensures better flavor. You can purchase a 1.5 ohm dual coil head for this tank, and it is compatible with Kanger dual coils. To install the coil in this tank, you need to simply screw it into the base section of the tank.
Aerotank Giant is fitted with an air flow system that is similar to the one on the Aerotank Turbo. There are five air holes on the lower area of the tank and a ring that you can slide over then to adjust the amount of air that comes in when you draw.
There is a 510 threading at the base of this tank for attaching it to a mod. You need a really powerful mod to get the best from this tank.
The Kanger Aerotank Giant is available on Vape Fu for only $29.99.


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