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Limitless Mod Co (LMC) Arms Race Mod Review

Product Model

Arms Race   Limitless Mod Co (LMC) 200W dual 18650 box mod


This box mod is manufactured by Limitless Mod Co which is based in California, USA. They have been in the vaping industry for a while and are distinguished as one of the most trusted and innovative manufacturers. They create exceptional quality reliable mods and accessories. Their products deliver performance at very reasonable prices.


  • 200 Watt custom chip
  • 25mm maximum atomizer with vent holes
  • Rugged, sturdy design
  • Variable voltage
  • Dual 18650 series setup
  • Magazine style battery clip
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Temperature control
  • Stealth Mode – Flip screen option
  • Firm grip in the hard

Kit Content

  • Arms Race box mod
  • QR instruction code

Price Review

Limitless arms race is priced at only USD 69.00. The price range is usually around 69-90USD. I  got mine online. I’m not sure if it’s sold higher at brick-n-mortar vaping stores. Online it’s usually under a hundred bucks, which I would say is very reasonable considering the perks you get with this box mod.

Online Shop

I got the Limitless arms race for sale at The site had it originally priced at 89.99 USD, and lucky me, I got it on sale.  Shipping took two business days only sans the weekend. I ordered mine on a Thursday and received it Monday afternoon. I would like to commend the website’s efficiency, as well as their superb customer service. I had a million queries before ordering. They gladly assisted me via email and even had the decency to go the extra mile and remind me of the delivery date and also made sure I got the package. They even sent a follow-up email to check on how I was enjoying their product.

Hardware Review

The mod has an elegant and sleek design. It associates with toughness and as it comes in rifle-inspired design. The military design is an instant pleaser! With its sliding battery cover to lock/unlock, it makes me feel like loading my rifle and aiming to fire. This model comes with a large firing button making it very easy to use. The sleeves’ design is a no-brainer. There are three designs, and I could not pinpoint which one is my favorite. The good thing is, their interchangeable. This is one bad-ass looking box mod.

Power Review

Adjustable in increments of 0.5W and vaping up to 200 wattage power is no joke for serious vapers. With its 5W low point, this one’s easy for starters too. There are four temperature control modes including titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance mode), cranking up to 600 Fahrenheit. This box mod utilizes dual 18650 Series battery which is good to last for all-day use.

Firmware Review

One great thing about this mod is its firmware. It can be upgraded to make sure your device’s capability will be par with the industry’s benchmark. The OLED screen has a good resolution display with a stealth mode. There is the option to flip the screen making it convenient for left-handed users.

User Experience

Vaping experiences are far more enjoyable due to the user-friendly features of this mod. Because of the innovative design inside and out, I’m convinced that this could very well be the most preferred box mod among the vaping community. A bonus is the gold-plated Limitless badge.

Seriously, when using this box mod I feel bold; as if in a world war scene. This has been the best buy for me regarding quality and value for money. This is my daily mod wherever, whenever, however.


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