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Macer Menta by Cloud Alchemist Review

Product Name  Macer Menta

Official Flavor Note  Crisp peppermint layered with a dark chocolate cookie


Review of Macer Menta

Cloud Alchemist erupted into the upscale gourmet/boutique e-liquid marketplace just a short time back, with big bright flavors, a solid collection of juice, and the most efficient, effective, and downright beautiful packaging I’ve seen to date.

While it’s been a little while since I’ve had the opportunity to review any of their juices, when a box with Cloud Alchemist’s return address showed up in my PO box, I knew the anticipation would only grow stronger as the bottles went through the steeping process.

At three weeks to the day, I broke out a fresh atomizer and began the second series of Cloud Alchemist’s reviews of their classic combination of dark chocolate cookie and mint, Macer Menta.

Here’s the thing, menthol is not mint. Menthol is a crystal that is derived from the peppermint plant and has an entirely different flavor profile. When it comes to taste, the two are like night and day, and most certainly are not interchangeable. This appears to be what some other e-liquid vendors attempt to do. As a result, instead of creating a chocolate menthol juice, they have made a chocolate mint juice, an entirely different beast altogether.

Cloud Alchemist effortlessly brings the two flavors together in perfect fashion by creating a single flavor that incorporates Peppermint and chocolate cookie. This is highlighted on the back side and finish by the sweet, bright and cool peppermint that presents and persists through a refreshing minty finish.

The chocolate cookie is the element of the profile that is barely noticeable at the lower wattage, due to the intense peppermint chill, and only marginally more so once this juice gets up into its sweet spot, just short of 11 watts.

With that kind of heat up against it, the chocolate cookie is given more of an opportunity to present. However, the presentation is that of an artificial, hard candy-like flavor, rather than the smooth, chocolate cookie. The flavor ratio, as is often the case with e-liquids with a mint component, is dependent upon wattage. At lower wattage, the peppermint is more mellow.

As the total wattage is increased, the mint goes right along with it as the chocolate subsides. I preferred the Macer Menta just a hair under 9 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. That wattage allows the chocolate to come through nicely while still keeping a solid peppermint chill.

For more of an intense candy cane flavor with a subtle, mellow chocolate cookie overtone, I’d recommend a full 10 watts (5v on the same 2.5Ω atty) which provides a different, yet equally enticing vape. At either wattage, the throat hit is smooth. As far as throat hit and vapor production are concerned, they are in line with what one might expect from a great mint chocolate flavor at a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

The overall profile is remarkably clean and crisp with the peppermint chocolate cookie flavor offsetting the lush, richness of one of the most realistic chocolate flavors I’ve tasted to date, creating a well balanced, smooth vape.

About Cloud Alchemist

Cloud Alchemist’s mission is to fill the missing void and redefine the vapor industry. As an industry leader Cloud Alchemist ensures that every supplement produced is superior in quality, taste, and concentration with no compromises, holding all products to ‘The Gold Standard.’ Cloud Alchemist is a high-end vapor-liquid infused with premium rich ingredients. Cloud Alchemist obtain their premium e-liquid viscosity by using kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. From the sealed label to the crafted flavor, Cloud Alchemist pride themselves in producing the best e-juice.

Options Available

Size  10ml  30ml  120ml

Nicotine Level  00mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg

PG/VG Ratio  20pg/80vg   50pg/50vg

Buy it now at $19.99 for 30ml

Final Rating of Macer Menta
  • Flavor Accuracy
  • Throat Hit
  • Cloud Production
  • Appearence
  • Price


It’s chocolate. It’s very real Crisp peppermint layered with the dark chocolate cookie. It’s dark and thick but won’t destroy carts or clearos. I’m certainly going to finish using it, it won’t be going into my drawer of doom at all, and although plain, I appreciate that as mint chocolates are too crispy or too rich, perhaps a shot of flavor would have made this one perfect.

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