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Northland Vapor Company – Blu Razzz E-Juice Review

Some things do not fall in between. Gray areas are non-existent. It is either black or white. Be a sinner or a saint. Or either you love it or hate it. This is how the Blu Razzz e-liquid is categorized on Northland Vapors site. It has a special note saying people either like this or not. I do not completely agree to this. I would say it is an acquired taste. Although it may take some time to grow on the taste, steeping this for a good month is a good idea to bring out the flavor. And based on my experience, the more you puff, the more you’ll realize that it does not only taste good but it feels good, too. Blu Razzz is the term coined by Northland Vapor Company for blue raspberry so expect a right combo of tart and sweetness.

Flavor Review:  Blu Razzz (7.5/10)

If you are looking for a sour taste, this would be a good start. At some point, this is one of the first few sour e-liquid I know. The taste explodes as you inhale but leaves a subtle sweetness that somehow neutralizes the sourness of the raspberry which makes it a very exceptional feeling when vaping this particular one. I’m not a big fan of raspberries, but this one suits me just fine. The flavor gives a nice kick middle of my vaping experience, and I’m still not talking about its enjoyable throat hit. This one is actually what I enjoy most after a dirty meal since I use it as my palate cleanser. I’ve had this refreshing flavor for four months now. This gives off that pure raspberry flavor, but I would recommend not taking over 6mg of nicotine to maintain that pleasant savory experience. Anything beyond that is not in my comfort level anymore.

Aroma Review:  Blu Razzz (7/10)

I must admit my first impression of the scent of Blu Razzz e-liquid is too strong, but my curiosity got the best of me. I left the bottle uncapped for a little over a month, and when I returned to it, I can now savor the raspberry note which is very nice and sweet. The initial chemical smell weakened and is now replaced with an aroma very light to my nose. So, I guess this is why the love for this flavor is acquired. If you give it a chance, you will learn to love it as it ‘ages.’

Vapor Review:  Blue Razzz (8/10)

The vapor is no question though. It has fuller clouds giving me a good cloud production, unlike other juices that feel weak and does not have the lingering effect. This one has a good mishmash of cloud production and a smooth throat hit that’s strong and very much satisfying. This is the kind of vape that I prefer when I need the flavor to fill me in for a while. I recommend this product if you are more into the taste and the kick. Looking at their website, this has 79VG and is available in small and big bottles. They are offering a 15% discount for anyone who subscribes to their newsletter. This is an offer you don’t want to miss out on. Since this flavor is a make or break type of juice; I suggest purchasing the small bottle first for you to try it for yourself. I believe the company has this flavor included in their Northland Flight Experience package.

The company’s name is Northland Vapor Company, and they are based in the USA. All their e-liquids are also hand-crafted and designed in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. I think they are a new company, but their service is impeccable. That’s one thing that got me to give the Blu Razzz flavor a chance because the support team of the company was very nice when I emailed them about my order. Also, they have a good number of customer reviews online as well as their products. I went through their website and saw that they only use natural ingredients implying a safer vaping experience for all its clients. I also ordered along with my Blu Razzz some of their top sellers such as the Nuts & Cream, M3, and Jungle N°4. I would highly suggest the M3 if you are a big fan of fruity flavors.


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