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PCKT One Plus 660mAh Box Mod Review

The PCKT One Plus box mod is designed for oil cartridges. This mod is compatible with 510 cartridges, and it comes with magnetic adapters so you can fit just about any cartridge on the mod. The PCKT One Plus was built to last. It was apparently fashioned out of a single block of aluminum. If you have a thing for vaping oils, this mod is a must-have.

The PCKT One Plus is not too large. It can easily fit in your hand. The dimensions of the device are 1.65 inches by 3.54 inches by 0.94 inches, and it weighs 2.3oz. The One Plus has a brushed matte steel finish, which is a nice touch. Although the mod is said to be made from a single block of aluminum, it is not heavy. The mod is available in different colors like midnight black, crimson red, rustic brown, avalanche white, royal purple, and charcoal grey. There is only one button on the PCKT One Plus – the power button, which doubles as the firing button. Apart from the button, the PCKT logo is engraved into the mod.

The PCKT One Plus has a 650mAh battery, which can last you for two or three days before you will need to recharge it. The mod comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. You will find the UCB port under the mod. It takes around 45 minutes to recharge the device when the battery runs out. The One Plus supports pass-through so you can safely vape while it is charging.

To turn the PCKT One Plus, you need to press the firing button five times quickly. There is an LED light around the button that comes on when you switch the device on. To check the battery level, you simply need to press the power button once. The light may show red (low battery), yellow (50 percent battery), or green (full battery). The LED light also shows you the power mode of the device. The PCKT One Plus supports three power modes; high, mid-level, and low. When the press the power button twice, it shows either green (for low power mode at 3.7W), yellow (for medium power at 4.3W), or red (for the highest power mode at 5.1W).

There is an 11.5mm opening on top of the mod where you can attach your cartridge. As indicated above, the mod comes with adapters for your cartridge. There are two adapters, one is short, and the other is tall. The cartridge is attached to the mod via a magnetic connection.

You can use the firing button when vaping with the PCKT One Plus or simply take a puff, and the heating systems will be automatically activated. The mod has a 15-second timeout when you press the firing button. If you are using the auto-draw feature, you will notice that the LED light around the firing button changes color.

You can get the PCKT One Plus mod at the Smokly online store for only $46.90. This online vape shop is the number one place to get all your vaping supplies without breaking the bank.


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