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Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Pets Review

Being a pet owner comes with its own challenges. Pets require a lot of care and attention so that they can live quality lives. There’s always the question of where to buy healthy products and which brand is the best option – especially in a wide internet space where there are millions of brands offering different products. This article addresses both questions. 

What brand can I trust?

While some brands out there are more concerned about your money than they are about your pets, there are genuine people who truly have a heart for your pet’s well-being. One of such is Penelope’s Bloom, a pet brand located in Chatsworth CA, USA. This brand is committed to delivering only the highest quality CBD products that will keep your pet strong, healthy, pain-free and happy.

What form of CBD is most effective for my Pet?

There are different CBD products that you can utilize for your pets. You have the options of CBD treats, CBD balm, CBD oil tincture, and more. CBD Tinctures are one of the most popular because they get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and the effects are usually long term. Penelope’s Bloom offers you premium CBD oil tincture crafted out of three ingredients; Full Spectrum organic CBD, Chamomile and Coconut oil. Together, they form a healthy delight that delivers rapid relaxation to your cats and dogs. Let’s take a closer look at the components of the tincture. 

A closer look at the Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture

First, you should know that there are three major criteria for any good oil tincture; must contain less than 0.03% THC, have proof of testing from a third-party lab, and a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA contains the lab results and the results of safety testing for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. If you find a brand that satisfies these criteria, be rest assured you are getting real value. Fortunately, you found one already; Penelope’s Bloom. The CBD Oil Tincture for Pets by Penelope’s Bloom meets all these criteria, you can find the COA on the company’s website at

Next, you should take a look at the ingredients used in the oil tincture; Full Spectrum CBD, Chamomile and Coconut oil. 

Full spectrum CBD contains CBD and other beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant like cannabinoids, fatty acids, amino acids, natural terpenes, and flavonoids. Yet, the tincture contains non-detectable amount of THC, that’s less than 0.03%. That’s makes it safe to use for your furry buddies. 

Chamomile is a traditional remedy for stress and anxiety. You must have heard about the wonders of Chamomile tea. Well, it’s the same wonder you would expect in this tincture. It relaxes the muscles, especially the stomach muscles. This makes it a good remedy for digestive issues. Chamomile is also anti-inflammatory (so it would help reduce swellings) and it’s good for general happy moods and healthier brain function.

Coconut oil is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient. It is known to boost energy and health in pets. 

You can purchase this CBD tincture at the Penelope’s Bloom online store. The price range from $29.99 – $59.99 depending on the CBD concentration level that you choose. 


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