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Pie by Drip Co. e-Liquid Review

For those looking for the best dessert-type e-juice flavor, the Pie by Drip Company is a good option. Indeed this is an e-liquid that has got more bounce to the ounce!


Fruity Rice Cereal crust filled with light creamy cheesecake and topped with fruity rice cereal




Pie by The Drip Co is one of the hot selling flavors from the company’s self-titled collection. The Drip Company is an American e-juice company that specializes in crafting gourmet vape juice for the vaping community.  They focus in providing high quality e-juices and vapor products to the market. It is achieved by means of employing meticulous testing and innovation as part of their research and development process. They have many distribution channels and one of their prominent authorized distributors is This online vape store has a good collection of flavors. It is where I bought mine online.


At only $29.99, this premium e-liquid is a sweet deal. Everything from flavor to vapor plus the affordable rate equates to satisfaction guaranteed!


First of all, let me say my first impression.  This is, by far, the cutest packaging I’ve seen for vape e-liquids. The e-liquid bottle is creatively packed in a pouch. It has a ziplock-type seal on top. The choice of colors is very appealing as well. The design on the hard plastic is dominated by the apple green color incorporated with the Pebbles Cereal and cream cheese layout. It looks too adorable that you could mistake it for a kid’s candy. Due to that, the company decided to print lots of warning labels on the packaging’s front and back as a precautionary measure. On the front part, you can also see the nicotine strength label. Once you open the pouch, you can find the bottle inside. It comes with a white cap and a replaceable cap for dripping. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine strength level.  And this liquid is only packaged in 60 ml bottles.


This e-liquid is for vapers who loves fruity slash dessert flavors but more inclined to the latter. I thought this one has the right mix of sweet and milky blend. Think breakfast Pebbles Cereal with a twist of graham crackers and full cream milk. That is exactly what you get when you hit on this. You can savor its richness and creaminess. During the inhale, you can taste the fruity cereal notes. Then, I can also identify some mild sugary cream cheese pie for the after taste. Maybe that’s why they call it Pie. It is like cheesecake meets Pebbles cereal and a tiny hint of graham. Overall, the taste comes out mild to my taste buds but not too bland to my liking since I can still distinguish the fruity and creamy blend.


Since this flavor is more on the creamy side, there is a milder throat hit but the kick is definitely still there. I bought the 6 mg nicotine strength and used it with my RDA with only 50 wattage power. I still got the subtle creaminess along with the cereal Pebbles. Talk about its scent makes you want to have that everyday breakfast cereal once upon a time. Just like most e-juices with fruity extracts, the fruity side tends to prevail than the other tones. The vapor has a stronger fruity flavor but not too overpowering. Also, the cloud production is dense and milky. I’m a cloud chaser so it makes me really happy that this e-juice is made up of a higher percentage of Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Once you puff it out, the aroma lingers while the cloud dispenses easily.

Pie by Drip Co is a superb presentation! It was well thought of from the way it was packaged up to its amazing taste and smell. It does easily become a part of my favorites list. It is really well-crafted. This is not bad for its practical pricing, too. Based on’s website, this is one of their bestsellers. Immediately after I first tried it, I can certainly see and understand why this is one of the most raved premium e-liquids.


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