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Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi PG-Free Review

Frugi’s Real Tobacco shortfill e-liquid has a rich, earthy flavor. It has a gently woody flavor that is powerful enough to stand alone and is inspired by the rich taste of tobacco leaf. This eliquid was created specifically for tobacco-loving vapers, especially if you still have a thing for traditional cigarettes or just want to get a whiff of the good old days every now and again. It is also a 100 VG e-liquid making it an excellent addition to every cloud chasers collection.

About The Manufacturer 

Frugi is an e-liquid producer based in the United Kingdom. Frugi gets its name from the word frugivore, which refers to an animal that lives off of fruits. They’re a brilliant corporation that entered the market with a revolutionary goal in mind. What is their goal? To provide PG-intolerant customers with a propylene Glycol-free vape juice. Yes! Their products are made entirely of vegetable glycerin, making them one of the most organic and vegan-friendly e-liquids available.

Flavor Profile

On the inhale, your taste buds are treated to the deep, earthy, and bold tobacco flavor that stays true up until you exhale. This is one ejuice that you would definitely like to carry with you to satisfy your tobacco cravings.

VG/PG Ratio

At this point, you must have already guessed the this eliquid combo is completely free of propylene glycol (PG), meaning that all you get it 100% vegetable glycerin (VG). Even the flavorings that are used are PG free making it a good option for vapers who do not tolerate PG when they vape. It is also suitable for people with allergies or sensitivity issues that realte to PG. 

However, it is common knowledge amongst vapers that VG and PG both serve unique roles in an eliquid formula. This leaves the question of what would the eliquid then feel like without the presence of PG?

As a high VG e-liquid, the Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi PG-Free is one for cloud chasing vapers. It promises to generate thick vapor clouds on every exhale. This is much more than vape juice that has a shared ratio with the Propylene Glycol component.

Nicotine Concentration

Like all shortfills, the nicotine concentration is left at 0mg giving you the freedom to choose your nicotine strength by simply adding nicotine shots. The Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid formula is prefilled into a 60ml eliquid bottle, however, only 50ml of eliquid is prefilled into the bottle. The remaining 10ml space is left there on purpose for you to add a nicotine shot. Adding a 1 x 18mg of nicotine shot will boost the amount of the e-liquid to 60ml with a 3mg nicotine potency. Frugi also provides various PG-free nicotine shot choices


Considering the high VG concentration of the Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi PG-Free, this eliquid is best used in high powered sub-ohm devices. When you vape, you’ll notice a lot of vapour production for a true DTL (Direct To Lung) inhalation.

Availability and Pricing

The  Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi PG-Free comes in a 60ml bottle that features a childproof cap and tamper evident seal. The bottle itself is recyclable. It is sold on Vape Green for only £16.99. Vape Green has the largest collection of 100 percent VG E-Liquids in the UK, as well as premium, high-quality brands. They also provide free UK shipping for orders over £20, as well as same-day fulfillment on orders made before 3 p.m.


There is certainly more than one strong oint that this eliquid has over many other eliquids om the market. Not only does it feature a rich tobacco flavor that mimics the taste of actual tobacco, it is also blended with 100% VG for huge vapor clouds while you vape. Lastly, it is a shortfill so whether you want to vape with nicotine or not, you can still enjoy the Real Tobacco Shortfill E-Liquid by Frugi.


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