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Review: Yocan UNI vs. Yocan UNI Pro

The UNI mod is arguably the most popular device from Yocan. The company released an upgraded version of the device called the UNI Pro. Let’s see how both devices measure against one another.

There are many similarities between the UNI and the UNI Pro. However, the latter is clearly an upgrade to the former. While they both come with zinc alloy chassis, the UNI measures 74.5mm by 33.9mm by 25.3mm, while the dimensions of the UNI Pro are 75.5mm by 36.5mm by 25.7mm. As you can see, the difference isn’t so much. Both devices are very compact and portable. They are perfect for vaping discreetly.

The Yocan UNI and the UNI Pro both come with a non-removable 650mAh battery, which can provide enough power to allow you vape oils, CBD, or nic salt e-liquids. The Yocan UNI was known for its long battery life, and the UNI Pro lives up to expectations. You can get up to 200 puffs from the device before the battery runs out.

While the Yocan UNI has a single round button (the firing button), the UNI Pro features a square firing button as well as an OLED screen and two small buttons for controlling the settings of the device. The OLED screen is one of the major differences between both devices. It gives you the freedom to control the settings of the UNI Pro freely.

Just like the Yocan UNI, the UNI Pro supports adjustable voltage. To change the voltage of the UNI, you need to press the firing button three times. There are three lights above the button that indicate the voltage level. However, with the UNI Pro, you can choose the precise voltage that you prefer by scrolling up/down with the buttons and checking on the screen.

Both devices come with a magnetic 510 threading for attaching your cartridge. The UNI Pro maintains Yocan’s patented design, which allows you to control the height and the width of the atomizer section of the device. To control the height of the 510 plate, you need to slide a knob up or down. There is a dial at the top area of both mods that you can turn to control a shutter-like collar that holds your cartridge in place. The revolutionary, adjustable width and height of the UNI and UNI Pro mean that you can use just about any pre-filled cartridge with these devices.

The Yocan UNI Pro has a 10 seconds preheat function, just like the UNI. It also has a 15 seconds cutoff limit, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, and more.

Let’s face it; everyone loves improvements. The addition of an OLED screen on the UNI Pro may seem like a minor improvement, but it makes the device easier to use. Both mods are available in different colors. The UNI Pro is selling for $35.99, while the UNI costs $24.99 at the Yocan online store. Yocan does not only sell to customers but also to retailers. You can apply to the company to get wholesale prices.


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