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The introduction of new technology has made vaporizers more portable and easier to use. Now anyone can carry their vaporizer in their pocket for personal or medical use wherever you want , whenever you want. This revolutionary technology has changed the whole game of personal vaporizers. The smaller heating elements and rapid charge, long life batteries have created a product that you can carry safely to bars, restaurants, supermarkets, work , movies or anywhere else you would like to smoke your vaporizer.But the question which is the best suitable vape pen for you!

For many people a vaporizer is a simple healthy way to enjoy stress relieving aromatherapy blends as well as a safe way to medicate with medicinal marijuana. As states in the US begin to legalize the once taboo marijuana leaf, more and more companies are starting to offer products to supplement the growing industry. With this explosion of interest, once cumbersome or obviously out of place tools are now smaller, sleeker and more discreet.

Portable vaporizers are one such product. Previously a large desktop contraption, vaporizers have been around for quite some time but today manufacturers are using the latest technology to create smaller and cooler portable vaporizers that can easily fit in your pocket or purse. The vaporizer offers a healthier smoking experience not just for medicinal marijuana patients but also for those who use all natural aromatherapy blends for stress and anxiety release. So What is a portable vaporizer and why do I want one?

The New Standard of Portability

Checking out what’s out there in portable vaporizers

So if your new to the scene you probably don’t even know what a portable vaporizer is let alone know what is out there. Well, I am going to fill you in, lucky you! A portable vaporizer is simply a contraption meant to heat a dry herb mixture to appropriate temperate in order to “VAPORIZE” the herb or oil. With marijuana laws taking roots in about 13 states so far the use of such devices has carried over into the medicinal and recreational MJ users and caused a sudden explosion in the choices and types of products available. Traditionally, vaporizers have been large table top contraptions but now we are seeing devices sleek enough to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse!

The selection available now has a range of different types with an assortment of functionality. Some like the Pax by Ploom have an ultra sleek design seemingly like an apple product wanna-be, while others like the vapor blunt are thicker and cumbersome and more meant for the home user. We evaluated 6 different vaporizers and have the highlights of each.

1. Halo Tracer Twist  – a sleek design with a retro twist. Recent investigations have been reported around the web stating that the metal used in the construction is built for optimal cloud production. . Free 30 mL Halo e-juice- 4 mL tank & 5 different great flavor makes it unique. The Vaporizer  have a full burn and left a decent amount of our smoke in the chamber and  scored well for portability with it’s small compact design and nice carry case.

2. V2 Pro line- The editors pick for this review due to it’s ultra portable design, sleek electronic locking feature,3 in 1 capability and ability to use both dry herbs and wax/oils with the adapter chamber. The unit has 10 second electronically controlled heating cycles which made it’s use a breeze , especially after a few tokes!V2 Series 3 is by far the smallest in size!

3. Vapor Blunt – A large contraption more suited for home use. We were really looking for portable designs however this was a pleasure to use but is too cumbersome and easily noticed to take out with you.

4. ThermoVape – A very neat contraption but very easily noticed if you were to take it out with you. The heating element worked well and vaporized most of herb.

6. Pax Ploom – Our second place runner up, the Pax Ploom is an ultra sleek apple like design with a very sophisticated heating element. Our only concern with the pax that it is so cool looking that it attracts attention and depending on your use of it this may be an undesirable effect in public!

Over all, all the vaporizers here were pretty steady competitors but ultimately we were looking for the product that allowed us to travel into bars and clubs and toke on the go. The V2 vaporizer won that bet hands down with an ultra sleek pen like profile and a very easy to use heating element.

We want to hear what you think! Join the revolution and get into the conversation by telling us whether you have ever heard of vaporizers and portable vape pens. The uses for such devices are just starting to hit the blogs and we learn everyday new uses and new ways that existing models can be modified to best suit peoples needs. Hit us up with a comment or email about what you like/dislike about the products out there and stay tuned for more ideas on the best uses and customer experiences.



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