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Should I Put CBD Oil In My Pet’s Food? - What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet CBD Tincture?

Should I Put CBD Oil In My Pet’s Food? – What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet CBD Tincture?

Do you already use CBD oil? Even if you do not, you probably have heard of the tons of benefits that CBD delivers to humans. Well, it is just the same as most animals, particularly mammals. This is because, like us, mammals like dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating and balancing many of the body’s processes. As a result, the same benefits you get to enjoy from CBD like relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and others, your dog or cat can also experience the same benefits.

Also, CBD tinctures specially designed for dogs and cats usually have the concentration of CBD set to the particular amount that is the size and weight of the animal, and they will not make your pet “high” especially when you get your CBD pet oil from responsible manufacturers like Penelope’s Bloom. 

Should I Put CBD Oil In My Pet’s Food? - What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet CBD Tincture?

All this is to say, yes! CBD oil is safe for your pet, particularly CBD oil tincture for dogs and cats, and not your regular CBD.

What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet CBD Tincture?

Most times, pet owners struggle with giving their pets particular forms of CBD. For example, if your dog or cat is particular about what goes into their mouth, then it would be near-impossible to use a tincture dropper to administer CBD. In such cases, it may seem like CBD tinctures might not be the best option, however, what happens when you need to deliver potent CBD that works fast? You still need a CBD tincture since they are one of the fastest forms of CBD and they have a high bioavailability (the percentage of CBD that gets into the bloodstream).

If this is the case, here are some of the best ways to give CBD to your preferential pet:

  • Place the CBD Oil Directly In The Mouth

Placing the CBD oil directly in the mouth of your pet is considered to be the easiest and best ways to give your pet its recommended CBD dosage. This way, your pet gets the exact amount of CBD recommended. First, draw the oil with the dropper and move carefully to your pet’s mouth ensuring that you get a good aim. Slowly squeeze in the recommended dosage and ensure that it is completely swallowed. 

Make sure to avoid making the furry guy gag. However, if your pet is not comfortable with this method, you might want to try another. 

Should I Put CBD Oil In My Pet’s Food? - What Is The Best Way To Give My Pet CBD Tincture?
  • Mix the CBD Oil With Food

One thing all animals have in common is food, and in the case of dogs, they could just sit and eat all day if you let them. This makes it a great way to give them CBD without them even realizing it. The taste of the food conceals the taste of CBD, and this is particularly effective with dry foods. Just make it look like their regular food.

  • Dilute The CBD Oil With Water

This is usually handled when your pet drinks water a lot. Since high-quality CBD oil like Penelope’s Bloom CBD Pet Oil for Dogs and Cats is almost tasteless and odourless, you can add it into their regular drinking water and your pet wouldn’t notice a difference. Put in the right dosage and at the end of the day, your pet would have taken the required CBD dosage.


By now you already know that it is safe to put CBD in your pet’s food, and just how you would be able to achieve that without getting frustrated. Now, you are probably wondering how to find a high-quality CBD oil for your beloved pet. Penelope’s Bloom is one renowned manufacture of CBD-related pet products, and they have just what you need. They sell 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1000mg of high-quality CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats for $29.99, $39.99, $49.99, $59.99 on


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