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SHR BRT E-Juice By Rounds E-Liquid Review

Rounds E-Liquid is a company based in Southern California. The company has three different e-juice lines on the market; Rounds, Cones, and SHR BRT. There is a mentholated version of the Rounds line. You can only buy e-liquids wholesale from the company’s website. If you want just a few bottles for personal use, Rounds E-Liquid collaborates with a network of distributors including Vape Sale. This store has some of the best offers on the market.

SHR BRT by Rounds E-Liquid is a rainbow sherbert. It consists of raspberry, orange, and lime flavor. This is a fantastic vape for flavor chasers. It is a must-try

Flavor Description

SHR BRT by Rounds E-Liquid is very enjoyable vape. It is quite sweet, but it could use a little bit more sweetness. You get the raspberry and orange flavor. However, there seem to be other flavors mixed in that are hard to pinpoint. SHR BRT is really good. It is the type of e-juice that can easily get you hooked.

If you like mixed fruit e-liquids,  you’ll love SHR BRT by Rounds E-Liquid.  It has an exquisite flavor that will delight your taste buds. This is a satisfying vape. It is great to enjoy when you are craving for something sweet and fruity.

SHR BRT has a nice aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. It is a clean vape. The dominant flavors are raspberry and orange.  If you like mixed-fruits e-liquids, SHR BRT can easily become an all-day vape.

VG/PG Ratio

SHR BRT is a MAX VG e-liquid. It has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. SHR BRT has abundant cloud production. It gives you exactly the type of clouds of vapor hat you expect from a 70vg e-juice.

The e-juice is thick. You do not need to drip a lot. It stays on the cotton.  After vaping it for some time, my cotton remained clean, and I still get the true flavors.

I feel like there is no need to steep the e-juice. It is all that you could desire from a sherbert e-liquid. However, taste is subjective. Steeping improves the flavor by blending all the ingredients well. It depends on personal preference whether to steep.  The rule of thumb is to steep the e-juice if the date it was manufactured is two weeks ago or less.

Nicotine Strength

SHR BRT is available with nicotine strength levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The vape juice is smooth on the inhale and exhale. There is no weird sensation such as irritation or itching in the nose or the throat. You can mix it with nicotine shots if you want a more intense throat hit.


SHR BRT by Rounds E-liquids comes in 100-ml plastic chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof safety cap. There is a very simple label on the bottle with a minimalist design. You will notice the product name ‘SHR BRT’ written in three different colors.

The bottle is quite practical. You can easily squeeze it. The only inconvenience is that the dropper tip seems to be somewhat too big. Depending on the type of device you have, it might be necessary to take your drip tip off when refilling.


SHR BRT by Rounds -Liquid is in high demand and often sells out. You can get this e-juice at Vape Seal where it is on sale with a 50% discount. You can get a 100ml bottle of this e-liquid for only $15.99. This is an opportunity to make some tremendous savings and obtain one of the best SHR BRT currently on the market.

You will find fantastic opportunities at Vape Sale. You will also enjoy excellent customer service, and very quick delivery of purchases when you buy from this store.


This sherbert e-liquid is a must-try. Rounds E-Liquid products are premium quality. The company uses the best ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to create its e-juices.

SHR BRT is a delight to vape on a hot summer day. It also is a perfect vape when you desire to satisfy your craving for a vape. The sweet and creamy flavor will make your mouth water. SHR BRT is also enjoyable after a nice dessert or as leisure vape.


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