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Smok Marshal G2320 TC Starter Kit Review

The Smok Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit is one of the most powerful vape kits ever produced by Smok. It was one of the top Smok products released last year. This vape kit consists of the Smok G320 TC Mod and the Big Baby Tank. You can vape a storm with this kit. The cloud production is simply out of this world. The flavor is also great. If you have been looking for an advanced sub ohm vape kit, the Smok G320 TC may just be what you are looking for.

This vape kit comes in black/red, stainless steel/red, and gold/black color. All three versions of this vaping setup look quite elegant. You can get the Smok Marshal G320 kit for only $58 on Ejuice Deals. It is going for as a high as $90 in some vape stores.

The Smok G320 TC mod is virtually the same as the Alien mod. However, it comes with a bigger battery capacity which translates to longer battery life and higher wattage. Smok’s Marshal runs on three 18650 batteries. The kit has an output of 320W when the batteries are all fully charged. You can also opt to use just two 18650 batteries with this mod, and its output will switch to 220W. The battery compartment is located at the base of the mod. At first, it is a bit difficult to lock the door of the battery compartment, but you will get the hang of it after repeated usage.

The kit comes with a USB cable. There is a micro USB port on the side of the mod for charging it and for upgrading its firmware. This vape kit supports pass through technology so you can vape while it is charging. However, this kit has a very good battery life, so you will not need to charge it often.

The Smok G320 TC Mod has a small LED screen on top of the mod, next to the tank. This allows you to see the settings of the device as you take each hit. The screen on this mod shows the usual information like battery life, wattage, and resistance. It also comes with a puff time and puff counter as well as other top features you expect to find on a powerful, high-end tank. It supports temperature control and TCR mode with a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In temperature control mode, the lowest resistance of this vape kit is 0.6ohms. In wattage mode, the lowest resistance is 0.1ohm. The device has an inbuilt safety feature that automatically shuts it down if it is overheating.

The Smok G320 TC Mod has an ergonomic design. No matter how you are holding the mod, it is easy to find and click the fire button. The fire button responds very quickly.

The Smok Marshal TC Mod is paired with the Big Baby Tank. Some people have suggested that this is the best tank Smok has ever mode. This tank has a diameter of 24.5mm, and there is no overhang on the G320 TC mod. You can even use an atty with a diameter of 25m for this setup. The tank has a top fill design. To access the juice filling holes, you simply need to slide the top cap to the side. This tank comes pre-installed with a 0.1 ohm quadruple coils. In the package, you will find a 0.2om sextuple coil. You can use either nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils with this vape kit. This tank can hold up to 5ml of e-juice and comes with adjustable air flow slots.

The Smok Marshall G320 TC Kit is recommended for advanced vapers. However, be warned that it is a juice guzzler, but looking at the size of the clouds that it produces you cannot complain.


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