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Smok Nord 4 Pod Kit Review 

Vapers know the struggle of finding the right vaping kit. Many brands are offering different types of vaping devices. Smok is one of the best brands in the vaping industry. Smok is a Chinese-based vaping brand established in 2010. Smok has remained a leader in the industry when it comes to vaping devices. This company has a long list of vaping devices and accessories on the market. Smok specializes in vaping systems for beginners. The Smok Nord series is arguably one of the most popular and newest by this brand. In this post, we will focus on the Smok Nord 4 Pod kit which is the first device the company has released in 2021.

The Smok Nord Pod Kit is an excellently designed vaping device with a compact design. The Nord 4 is designed to offer versatile features and is a little taller than previous Nord models. This device measures 104.9mm by 33.7mm by 24.4mm. The Nord 4 is made using sturdy zinc alloy. This vaping system is lightweight and available in about 12 different color finishes include leather. Examples of these colors are black armour, black leather, brown leather, blue grey armour among others. 

The Nord 4 by Smok comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery which is 500mAh more than Nord X, the last release of the Nord series. When fully charged the Nord 4 system will last for a day. Nord 4 has an output that can go between 5 to about 80 watts. This vape device is easy to recharge and works with a USB-C port. This device has a maximum charging time of 1.4 A fast. 

The Smok Nord 4 kit comes with two cartridges that can hold about 4.5ml of e-juice. These cartridges will last most vapers for a whole day. And both Nord 4 cartridges are named RPM or RPM2. With the Nord 4 device, you can be sure of great flavor and massive clouds. 

The Smok Nord 4 is designed to have dual airflow placed on both sides. This vape device will appeal to vapers who enjoy direct-to-lung vaping. And you can also adjust the airflow. This device also features an OLD display that is ideal for measuring battery levels. 

Refilling the tank of this Smok device is easy and can be done without too much hassle. The first step to refilling is by pulling the pod out of the device. This can be done by pulling out the rubber plug to open the filling port. Afterward, insert the nozzle of your e-juice of choice into the filling port. After this step, all you have to do is push back the rubber plug and press it firmly to be sure it’s properly closed. Smok recommends that after refilling you let the tank sit for some minutes so the cotton is well saturated. 

The Smok 4 Nord is available for sale at most vape stores. You can buy the Smok Nord 4 for £29.99 at the Vape Green store. Vape Green is arguably the best vape store in the UK offering only top-notch products and great prices.


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