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SMOK V8 Baby Beast Coils Review

Smok is a giant in the vaping industry. The company has been around since 2010 perfecting and implementing new technologies to make vaping even better. They are already well known for their broad reach in terms of successful vape devices. If you are looking for tanks, they have it. If you prefer mods, they have it. Even if you are more of a pod system kind of guy, Smok has still got you covered. Whatever it is, even down to vape hardware, coils and all, Smok has got something just for you. 

The TFV4, TFV8, TFV8 Baby, and TFV12 coil series have revolutionized vaping as we know it. Of all of these, the TFV8 Baby Beast Coils remain incredibly popular because they can work well in an array of amazing tanks not necessarily from Smok. The best part is that you get amazing discounts on any one of the Smok devices on Ejuice Deals.

Initially, the TFV8 Baby beast coil started as a modest collection of three. As their popularity began to increase, Smok responded with numerous additions to the TFV8 Baby Beast collection. Although, the variety makes it easy to satisfy the preferences of all vapers, telling them apart can be a bit challenging. Read on and you will find out everything you need to know about the Smok V8 Baby Beast Coils.

SMOK V8 Baby Beast Coils Review - Everything You Need To Know

Smok V8 Baby Q2 Coils

The Smok V8 Baby Q2 coils feature a horizontal dual coil system with a single hole directly in its centre. In the series of V8 Baby Beast Coils, this is among the smallest. Nonetheless, it is the first choice for vapers who prefer an open and airy draw. 

The Q2 is also the ideal for you if you fancy rich flavor production. This is because the coils offer little resistance when you are taking a drag. If dense vapor clouds are what you are looking for when you vape, the V8 Baby Q2 can deliver without breaking a sweat. 

The coils are set to a resistance of 0.4ohms and can accommodate wattage settings as low as 40watts and as high as 80watts. Although it is recommended that you use it around 55watts to 65watts for the best performance. 

Smok V8 Baby Q4 Coils

Much like the Q2, the Smok V8 Baby Q4 coils also have a single hole right down in its centre. In its case, it comes with a solid horizontal quadruple coil system. The Q4 is great at delivering open and airy draws. It also delivers cooler hits than the Q2 coils.

SMOK V8 Baby Beast Coils Review - Everything You Need To Know

Just like the Q2, these coils are also set to a resistance of 0.4ohm. However, they can accommodate even lower wattage settings. For the V8 Q4, you can use it anywhere around 30watts to 65 watts. Although it is recommended wattage is anywhere between 50watts to 60watts. 

Smok V8 Baby X4 Coils

You can easily differentiate this coil from the rest because of its quadruple coil design. Unlike the horizontal configuration used in the Q4, the X4 features a vertical coil formation that is split in two. So rather than having four coils stacked, the X4 has 2 in each hole. This results in the X4’s ability to deliver much tiger hits with less airflow making it ideal for vapers that love a restrictive vape. 

The X4 is set to a resistance of 0.15ohms and can accommodate a wattage range of 30watts to 70 watts. Its recommended wattage is anywhere from 45watts to 60watts.

Smok V8 Baby T6 Coils

Smok took a different turn in the design of these T6 coils. These Smok vape coils feature a sextuple formation. Rather than the single hole at its centre, there are three separate holes that each contain dual horizontal coils. The T6 delivers a much tighter draw, larger vapor clouds, and warm hits.

The T6 coils are known for their increased resistance and wattage range. The T6 is set to a resistance of 0.2ohms. The coils can go from as low as 40watts to as high as 130watts. The recommended wattage is anywhere between 70watts to 90watts.

Smok V8 Baby T8 Coils

The V8 Baby T8 coils are just like the T6 but they have an additional core, so instead of three holes, the T8 features four holes each housing dual coils making it a total of 8 coils. Thanks to the extra two coils, the T8 delivers slightly better vapor and the flavor is less intense. If you are looking for longer-lasting coils that deliver cool and tight hits with amazing vapor, the Smok V8 Baby T8 coils are your best bet.

The T8 is set to a resistance of 0.15ohms and has a wattage range of 50 to 110watts. It has a recommended wattage range of 60watts to 80watts. 


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