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STLTH Raspberry Sour Apple Replacement Pods Review

Most people are familiar with the taste of raspberry and sour apple but this is one of a kind. Sweet and smooth raspberry taste blended with a sharp tangy apple finish. The scent alone will have your mouth watering in seconds! This is something that will keep you going and going till you run out of juice in your pod. STLTH Raspberry Sour Apple Replacement Pods is one vape pod that is loved by the many vapers around the globe.

Upon inhaling STLTH Raspberry Sour Apple Replacement Pods, a crisp and fun raspberry flavor that will tickle your taste buds with all of its yummy goodness. It will be as you were eating freshly picked raspberries! During exhale is where a delicious granny smith apple flavor will appear and perfectly balance this flavor out. It will provide you with vibrant and tangy notes followed by a sweet and juicy ending.


The packaging of STLTH Pods is always on point and catches the eye. Raspberry Sour Replacement Pods comes in a pink portable box with boldly written phrases and a large image of the STLTH Raspberry Sour Apple Replacement Pods. The rare of the box also has useful lists of specifications and a blurb about the enclosed kit. Also included are the health warning and the authenticity of the product which can be found towards the bottom of the package.


If you’ve searched for vaping products that come with a tinge of style, then look no further than Stlth vape pods. The designers at STLTH created this pod with a simplistic, yet eye-catching design. It features a precision oval-shaped cross-section and measures 18.9mm x 11.1mm x 85.5mm, providing an ergonomic style that minimizes fatigue when handling it. Furthermore, Stlth vaping devices come with white-capped pod systems and four attractive body colors, including grey, rose gold, black, and navy blue. That allows STLTH to appeal to a wide range of consumers with varied color preferences.

Treat your taste buds to a delightful fruit blend when vaping Raspberry Sour Apple by STLTH. From the makers of USA Vape Lab, STLTH is a stellar lineup of premium e-liquids made from the highest of quality ingredients. Consisting of tart raspberries and a ripe green apple, Raspberry Sour Apple will give you a fun and unforgettable vaping experience. Perfect for vape enthusiasts that enjoy a clean and vibrant vaping experience.

You can purchase the STLTH Raspberry Sour Apple Replacement Pods at the Hazetown Vapes online store for only $13.00. It is the right choice if you’re looking for a sweet flavorful vape with raspberry and apple flavor.

Hazetown Vapes is a popular place to find quality-assured flavorings. They have all the best flavors of e-liquids to satisfy any vapor.


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