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Suicide Bunny Madrina Review

One of the most popular trends to occur in recent years is the advent of what is called vaping. Unlike regular cigarettes which have nicotine and carcinogens which can lead to the possibility of developing cancer, vaping seems to have provided a great opportunity. For those that need to have nicotine in their system to function, vaping devices may be what you need. If you are able to find electronic cigarettes or vaping units that can help you get nicotine into your system without the possibility of succumbing to cancer-causing agents, you may be able to switch over. This trendy way of inhaling nicotine in a flavorful vapor is what the experts at Suicide Bunny have done. This article will address what is vaping is, what Suicide Bunny has to offer, and why their very popular Madrina e-juice is one of the best e-liquids that is available today. Let’s begin this Suicide Bunny Madrina e juice reviews with an overview of what vaping is. Check out more from Suicide Bunny here: Suicide Bunny.

The Suicide Bunny Company

The first thing that you will see is a list of the many products that they offer divided into three categories. The first is the premium e-liquid that they have available, followed by their merchandise, and their hardware. By clicking on the e-liquid image, you will be taken to the many different products that they have for sale. They have quite a few flavors including Arise, Billow, Claim Your Throne, Sky, Revel and many others. Those that are specifically a Suicide Bunny e-juice include Mothers Milk, Derailed and also Madrina. These can be used with cartomizers and cartomizers, and here is why this particular flavor is so popular today.

Suicide Bunny Madrina Review

Suicide Bunny Madrina is very popular because of its creamy flavor. Vaping with this particular e-juice, you will notice hints of melon. It is sold by many electronic cigarette vendors that you can find online, sometimes sold at different price points. The average cost is about $22 for 15 mL, and up to $80 for 120 mm, enough liquid to last you for several weeks. The overall rating is that four out of five people like this e-liquid, with many websites showing 5 out of 5. You can purchase this with a maximum 18mg of nicotine, all the way down to zero. For those that are simply trying to find a way to stop smoking, this gradual drop in nicotine values can make it easy for you to achieve your goals. If too much nicotine makes you feel lightheaded, you can go for the 6 or 12ml bottles. The ratings that you will see are often divided by the flavor, how it hits the back of your throat, the amount of vapor that is produced, and of course the aftertaste. On all counts, vapor production and flavor are the highest ratings possible, making this a top choice for many people searching for a new e-juice to try.

Where Can You Get The Best Deals?

To find the best deals available on Suicide Bunny Madrina, a simple search on the Internet will lead you to a wide variety of electronic cigarette vendors. Many of these businesses are quite large, and they are able to purchase e-juice at bulk rates, purchasing hundreds of bottles of each type at one time, allowing them to make money on the sheer volume of sales. You will likely only save a dollar or two, depending on where you go, but that is still money in your pocket. It is recommended that if you vape on a regular basis, that you should go with the 80 mL size because it will not go bad by the time that you finish the bottle, and additionally, it will ensure that you will never run out until your next order.

Drawbacks Of This Particular E-Juice

No review of a product would be honest without mentioning one or two of the problems that you may have with this particular flavor. Although it is very popular and does pack quite a bit of nicotine at the highest levels, many people have had trouble adjusting to the aftertaste. Melon is not one of the more popular flavors, but for those that prefer it over traditional nicotine and menthol flavored e-juice, the fruity taste of this particular liquid is very good going in, but some have remarked that the aftertaste is not as flavorful, which is common for most e-liquids.

Now that you know a little bit more about this product in our Suicide Bunny Madrina review, let’s finish with a summary of what you have learned. You know what to expect in regard to flavor, vapor production, and where to get the best prices. You should consider adding this to your list of flavors to try if you are constantly looking for new e-liquids to vape. If you have not tried a fruity flavor when vaping, this is most certainly a good place to begin. All of the products from Suicide Bunny come with high recommendations, and you will undoubtedly want to give Madrina a try based on the many positive reviews. Just make sure that you are using one of the recommended vaping devices such as a clearomizer so that you can get the best flavor and also see how much you actually have left. The bottle that this liquid comes in is very easy to open and use, allowing you to quickly reload once you notice you are running low on your vaping device. Using this vape juice reviews provided in our Suicide Bunny Madrina review, you should be motivated to give it a try.


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