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The Mad Queen Vape Juice by Throne Liquids Review

Vapers who like shisha find The Mad Queen gives them the best experience of shisha when they vape. Shisha lovers like the freedom they obtain to enjoy the nice shisha flavors anywhere instead of having to seek a shisha cafe. If you know what a hookah looks like, you will understand that they are not portable like an e-cig. The Mad Queen provide a double apple shisha-like flavor that they appreciate.

Throne Liquid is a Malaysian company that manufactures some of the best shisha ejuices found on the markets. A particularity of its shisha eliquids that most shisha vapers like is that there is no charcoal aftertaste often present when smoking shisha.

A Fantastic Flavor

Vapers seeking to discover new flavors would certainly like The Mad Queen. If you’re looking for vape juices to try 2018, The Mad Queen is one of them. There is a double-apple flavor that invades your taste buds. Red and Green apples sweetness and tantalizing sourness blend. As you vape the nice flavor is layered with the taste of aloe vera. When you exhale the nice aroma of apple wood makes the entire experience thrilling.

VG/PG Levels

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of The Mad Queen is 70/30. This ratio does not present any issues for vaping and dripping. It is also appreciated by vapers seeking a shisha-like experience. Hookahs, generally, make abundant clouds. The particular ratio also has a cloud production similar to that of hookahs.

Nicotine Level and throat hit

Vapers have the option of two different nicotine strength, 0 mg or 3 mg. These are very low-level nicotine strength and gives mild throat hits. Vapers seeking to experience the thrill of shisha vaping with a mild throat hit choose 3 mg of nicotine strength. You will appreciate the mild sensation when you inhale and exhale.

Bottle and Packaging

The Mad Queen comes in a very sleek package. The box is made of cardboard, but the black box has motifs that mistify the content. In front of the box, the label of Throne Liquids is printed. Information relating to the vape juice is on the sides of the box. The bottle is green in color and has a funnel opening that facilitates dripping and a childproof safety cap. The same motifs as on the box and the trademark of the company are printed. You have a choice between a 50 ml or a 60 ml bottles.


If you are one of those persons who frequently go to shisha cafe’s, with The Mad Queen you will be able to make some tremendous savings. Instead of going each time to a cafe, for only $13.99 USD you have a 60 ml bottle and can enjoy shisha vaping from anywhere.

Throne Liquid offers its products at great value for money. The company believes that the fantastic taste of shisha should be enjoyed by everyone and at any time.

If you’re a wholesaler and purchase more than 100 bottles, wholesale prices apply. You will appreciate the price and quality. There are points to be collected as a loyal customer. If you collect enough points, you can redeem them fon your next purchase.


The Mad Queen is part of the collection of Throne Liquids shisha vape juices known as ‘The Royal Bundle’ and includes The Lady, The Mad Queen, and The Mother. Each of these provides great shisha vaping experience. The Mad Queen offer vapers the pleasure of enjoying double apple shisha flavored ejuice.

Throne Liquid uses natural ingredients to produce some of the best shisha  vape juices you will find on the markets. Throne Liquids employs the latest brewing methods and technologies. The company specializes in making shisha e-liquids. With The Mad Queen, apple lovers discover a brand new taste; shisha flavored double apples.

If you used to go to shisha cafes to smoke the hookah. On a daily basis, each time you spend lots of money. The Mad Queen gives you the pleasure of shisha vaping anytime and from anywhere. You will appreciate the fantastic taste without the charcoal present when using hookahs, instead, there is the nice aroma of apple wood.


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