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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoking used to be just plain enjoyment. Now it’s a challenge just to find a place to smoke. First, they banned smoking in the workplace and then smoking in bars and restaurants and now you can’t even be within a certain distance of open doors when you smoke.

Some states are even talking about banning smoking in cars or even smoking in your own home. Thankfully, there is an alternative that has all of the pleasure of smoking but none of the drawbacks. Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that has an incredibly high smoke volume as well as an adjustable level of nicotine so you will never miss your old cigarettes ever again.

Why is Green Smoke a better smoking alternate to quit with ecigs ? There are many reasons. First off, a Green Smoke electronic cigarette has no tar and carcinogens. You get the nicotine you enjoy and the process or experience of smoking and that’s all.

Studies have shown that cigarette companies jack up the levels of tar in their cigarettes to make them more addictive, but when you choose a Green Smoke electronic cigarette over the competition, you get nothing but pure smoking pleasure.

 No Smoking Odors

If you could poll 100 different people and have them tell you what the worst thing about smoking is, there is a good chance they will tell you it is the smell. Even casual smokers often come back from their break reeking of smoker’s odor.

With the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, the smoke emitted from the cigarette is odor free. This fact alone has helped Green Smoke sell thousands of units and we think that you’ll be so impressed by the clean, odor free smoke volume that comes from a Green Smoke electronic cigarette; you’ll be ready to switch over that day.

It really is a unique experience.

      Customize To Your Own Preference

The other major selling point of the Green Smoke e-cigarette is customization.

If you want to switch the strength of the cigarettes you smoke at home, the only choice you have is to cut off the filter, which can lead to all sorts of health problems, or you have to go out and buy another pack of cigs and waste even more money.

With the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, each starter kit is completely customizable. Change the flavor of the cigarette you are smoking on a whim. Ramp up or tone down the level of nicotine you receive with each use each time you reorder, it is completely up to you.

This is one of the only products of its kind on the market today that has such a high degree of customization and once you try out one of these amazing products, an old cigarette is going to seem, well, old. Welcome to the 21st century; welcome to Green Smoke electronic cigarettes!

  60% Cost Reduction, Same Smoking Pleasure

If all of the above reasons aren’t enough for you to consider trying Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, consider this.

If you were to stop purchasing traditional cigarettes today and switched to the Green Smoke electronic cigarette, you could cut your cigarette budget by about 60 percent! With taxes on top of taxes, the high price of cigarettes make lighting up, for many people, almost impossible.

In New York City, for example, the price of a pack of cigarettes is $8.65. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette costs a fraction of what regular cigarettes do and when you factor in all of the other great benefit/ features this product has, the choice should be easy.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are, in the opinion of many thousands of people who have tried them, and reordered, the highest quality electronic cigarette on the market.

They cost a little more, but then, high quality always does. Read more at


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