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Vaporesso Swag II Mod Review

The Swag II is the latest edition of the Swag Mod. It comes with a single 18650 battery mod that fires from 5-80W. It has a 0.91” OLED display and the 510 plate that fits tanks up to 25mm in diameter. If you buy the Swag II kit you’ll also get the NRG PE tank.

Thanks to the Pulse mode capability of the Axon chip, the Swag II provides a near-continuous power hit for the duration of your puff. Pulse mode is great for continuously thick clouds, but it does seem to drain your battery faster.


Formed from zinc-alloy, the Vaporesso Swag II chassis is coated in a rubberized finish, eliminating fingerprints and scratches more readily while granting an improved protected design. This grippy coating lends a higher degree of ergonomic feel to the box mod, reducing the possibilities of drops and falls compared to other vape mods.

Four years ago the first iteration of the Swag was deemed attractive, especially its orange/stainless model, but in 2020 the Swag II brings attractiveness, yet sophisticated look. Particularly the red and black or blue and black models.

Simple UI

The Swag II has a 0,91” OLED screen which makes the most of the small screen real estate. You have both a puff counter and a battery percentage figure that shows your exact battery level, as well as the resistance of your coil. Icons on the right side show what mode you currently have selected.

Navigating the menu and selecting options is easy with the dedicated menu button and side selection buttons. Pressing the power button three times locks the selection buttons. Pressing the menu button three times brings up the sub-menu where you can select Pulse Mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, DIY Mode, and System Settings.

In the system settings, you can adjust brightness and screen orientation, reset puff counter, return mod to default settings, check the version, as well as set Smart VW and Auto Eco. The DIY menu has even more settings for advanced users, such as custom wattage curves and bypass modes. The Swagg II may lack a fancy screen but it is not lacking in features.


When it comes to performance the Swag II is like a mini Gen. It’s just as good to vape within power mode but because it only fires up to 80W, it’s better suited to coils that don’t require a lot of power.

The soft, normal and hard wattage modes are excellent. The draw is consistent and the Swag II feels like it’s outputting the correct wattage. A draw at 65W feels like it should which is strong and warm. It outputs power instantly too with zero delays. Really good wattage mode performance.


Now the Vaporesso Swag II is available at The suggested retail price on the Vape sourcing is just $38.90. In contrast to similar kits on the market, I think the asking price is right on the money and affordable. It will be difficult to find a cheaper product on the market that still boasts the same build quality and features.


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