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Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches – Citrus Chill Review

Zero tobacco nicotine pouches are very popular now because it is a convenient, portable, and hand-free orally consumable product. These nicotine pouches are free from tobacco-derived nicotine and a perfect alternative to smoking. It can satisfy all your nicotine cravings without any mess. You can use these pouches anywhere discreetly whenever you have a nicotine craving. It is easy to carry along because of its portability. Usually, nicotine pouches as made of synthetically produced nicotine, sweeteners, flavorings, and other plant-based fibers. Nicotine pouches are available in different nicotine concentrations on the market. The absence of tobacco-derived nicotine makes them different from other smokeless hands-free orally consumable products like snuff, snus, and chewing tobacco. Snus is almost similar to nicotine pouches, but it is filled with grounded tobacco leaves.

There are a wide variety of zero tobacco nicotine pouches available on the market to choose from. Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches are one of the most sought-after pouches by most nicotine enthusiasts. These flavored pouches are sweet. Its tangy citrus and icy fresh menthol flavors make you feel refreshed. Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches are free from tobacco, smoke, spit, and odor. You can use these pouches virtually anywhere you want discreetly. Unlike other nicotine pouches available on the market now, Citrus chill pouches are made with Certified Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) instead of generic tobacco-derived nicotine.

Most nicotine pouches are dry portion pouches that use saliva to activate nicotine and this makes the user spit frequently. Citrus chills pouches are moist portioned and the nicotine in the pouches activates almost immediately after placing it between your lip and gum. As it is not using saliva to activate nicotine in the pouch, it will not make you spit frequently like dry-portioned pouches. You can feel the effect of nicotine in a few seconds that is quicker than any other product. Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches are 34mm in size that is bigger than the size of similar pouches. Premium quality materials are used to construct the pouches, so you will get a comfortable mouthfeel.

Citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches come in 3mg and 6mg nicotine concentrations. In addition to Citrus chill, Niin has cinnamon, cool mint, spearmint, and wintergreen flavored zero tobacco pouches on the market. A can of citrus chill zero tobacco nicotine pouches contain 20 pouches. You can buy Niin pouches from their website directly at a competitive price. A can of citrus chill pouches costs $4.49. You can also opt for a pack of 5 cans for just $21.45. Those who want to save more money can buy value packs. You can subscribe Autoship program to receive your favorite pouches every month automatically with free USPS shipping. Niin provides fast delivery services to their customers to almost all states in the US except, Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Utah, and Vermont. Delivery services are provided through USPS and the orders will reach the customers within 5 business days.


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